Youtube Video Picks of the Week - 19 June 2020

This week we have an explorer yacht, a sunken yacht, a little yacht, and an unlucky submarine that’s going places. 

Take an express tour of superyacht 'Yersin' with Fraser Yachts

Fraser Yachts is offering the environmentally savvy explorer superyacht ‘Yersin’ for sale and charter. This video gives us a whirlwind tour of this amazing ship, that’s designed to take its owner or guests almost wherever they want to go.

According to Boat International, Yersin is equipped to travel the world and go anywhere without leaving a mark. Comprehensive environmental protection systems on board ensure that its environmental impact is practically zero whilst underway. It is also designed to carry out scientific research and as an educational tool to teach children about the environment.

Yersin is owned by a French businessman who is an experienced owner. He previously owned the 52m Benetti yacht now called ‘Latitude’
When he decided to build Yersin, he approached multiple commercial yards until signing with French yard Piriou.

When it came to the construction of Yersin, he was apparently heavily involved in the design process, and visited the yard every two weeks during the three year long build.

It’s not clear why he’s put Yersin up to sale barely five years after taking delivery of her. Perhaps he’s moving on to a newer, bigger ship. These projects are often notoriously secretive until launch. So for now, only time will tell.


eSysman's series on Yogi wraps up by answering a controversial question.

eSysman’s series on the sudden sinking of brand new superyacht Yogi, has totally gripped me.

I featured eSysman’s previous videos on my last few Youtube Picks of the Week posts, which you can find here for part one, and part three here. Or just look on his channel.

Yogi was a 60.2m superyacht built by Proteksan Turquoise, a shipyard in Turkey and was designed to be a ‘floating resort‘. The sudden loss of the ship left more questions than answers. The subsequent investigation of the sinking failed to yield the kind of information that we really needed, because there was no voyage data recorder on board since none was required by law (basically the ship version of an aircraft ‘black box’).

The crew, who were all rescued by Greek authorities, failed to save important ships logs and other paperwork before the ship went down. None of the crew were legally summoned to provide testimony either. So, the postmortem of the sinking had to be more or less pieced together by French authorities as they’d certified the ship at launch.

Yogi’s owner was in massive debt at the time of the sinking, and many in the Youtube comments of esysman’s series, were quick to conclude that this was a case of insurance fraud.

Watch the video to see the answer to the big insurance question.

Why did the WW2 german submarine cross the road? To go to the museum!

U-505 was one unlucky submarine. In fact, its nickname was ‘the unluckiest submarine’ following a series of six abortive combat patrols that ended in its capture.

In this video, Dark Docs tells the incredible story of U-505 and its luck which seemed to go from bad to worse. Whether it was French dock workers deliberately sabotaging it during drydock repairs. Or being repeatedly spotted by enemy warships right at the start of its patrols. U-505 just couldn’t catch a break.

The submarine was eventually captured by a US Navy task force, marking the first capture of an enemy warship by the US navy in 122 years. This resulted in the retrieval of an intact and up-to-date German ‘Enigma’ machine from inside the sub, one of only six captured throughout the war.

After the war, U-505 was restored and turned into a travelling fundraising exhibit for government bonds. Once that was complete, it was saved at the last minute, from becoming a navy shooting target. Instead, it was donated to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry which had anyway planned a submarine exhibit. It still stands there to this day and according to the video, as recently as last year was further refurbished to make it look even more authentic to its time period.


Aquaholic tours the gorgeous Absolute 47

A weekend video picks lineup wouldn’t be complete without an Aquaholic tour. This one is a walkabout of the Absolute 47. For its size, this boat really offers a lot. In particular, it is a three cabin layout, so you can bring the whole family for a great night or two out on the water. 

There are two bathrooms, so there shouldn’t be any fighting over bathroom time. But the most notable feature is that the owner’s cabin is located in the bow. This is something we’re starting to see every now and then in boats of around this size, and I think it’s a refreshing change from the usual master cabin aft arrangement.

This particular boat has dual Volvo Penta IPS drives, so the skipper is really in full control of every movement of the boat.

Motor Boat & Yachting also did a walkthrough of the Absolute 47, which you can find here:


That’s it for this week’s Video Picks. Hope you enjoyed it and until next week, stay safe!



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