Boat of the Week: Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover

Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover
The Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover. [Image:]

The Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover is a boat I’ve been meaning to write about for some time because I’m a huge fan of Formula boats. But I’m especially a fan of this example because JUST LOOK AT THAT COLOUR SCHEME!

This particular Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover example is listed for sale over at Here’s the link in case your wallet is deep enough.

The Formula range of boats caught my eye some time ago. Their boats typically feature loads of high-tech gear and eye-catching design details. All of this is matched with huge horsepower, creating a range of feature-rich boats that are capable of impressive performance.

Speaking of the range, it is quite large. According to the Formula website, there are seven different hull types available, each with various options. Some with different length options. That’s a lot, since many other similar yards offer only a handful of models overall.

Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover
Blue lights, screens and white upholstery. Taking boating luxury to another level. [Image:]

The Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover is right in the middle of the Super Sport Crossover range. It sits between the 380 and the 430. There are some shared features, such as outboard power and the bow seating area. The primary difference seems to be in the length and overall size of each boat. 

Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover
Blue mood lighting in the cabin. When being on the blue ocean is life but you also have to sleep. [Image:]

One of the coolest features of the Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover is that, according to its marketing video, its Raytheon computers have integrated software to control a DJI Mavic drone. 

So whilst you’re out on the water, you can get some great drone footage and photography of your time to really memorialise it.

The 400 SSC is a refreshing change from the market’s obsession with centre-console designs. It boasts a full-height wrap around cockpit windscreen that offers full protection from the elements. An air conditioning system is included in this particular model that’s for sale, to keep things extra comfy. So basically, you still have the benefits of centre console boats in terms of the large bow seating area, but without the inconvenience of only having a small island of protection around the helm.

Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover
Enough space for all the friends! [Image:]

Formula says that the 400 SSC benefits from its ‘Formula Crossover Smartzone’ tech. This is basically a design philosophy that cleverly separates the various parts of the boat. This way, Formula says, guests can enjoy different parts of the boat in different ways, simultaneously, without being on top of one another.

Plenty of power on tap. Drone operator optional (maybe). [Image:]

The Formula 400 SSC is a high-end, high performance yet gorgeous boat. It is packed full of luxurious features, practical amenities and loads of horsepower on the back. It is a true performance yacht.

While there are loads of similar boats on the market in the US especially, I believe the 400 SSC is unique in all the right ways to set itself apart from the run of the mill centre console brigade. And for that reason, it gets my Boat of the Week this week.

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