Youtube Video Picks of the Week - 4th June 2020

Read on for my Youtube Video Picks of the Week. Featuring the best boating videos for your weekend's entertainment.

Since I didn’t post one of these last week, I’m including a few more links than usual to make up for it! 

This week I’ve got an awesome mix of superyachts, wake boats, cruisers, and drama!

First up: A stealthy superyacht that’s in-build at Oceanco.

Oceanco is building a new explorer superyacht and it looks like it's straight out of the Batcave

Yachts for Sale is a really interesting channel run by a British broker, and his content deals mainly with the superyacht market. 

In this video, he discusses a new superyacht explorer yacht build that’s been awarded to Oceanco. The new yacht is named ‘Esquel’ and it’s designed to be an explorer yacht unlike any other.

Oceanco has made quite a name for itself delivering bespoke head-turning yachts. The yard is famous for mega yachts  like Alfa Nero and Black Pearl, which are both iconic.

In fact Black Pearl is the world’s largest sailing yacht. Impressive. It even has its own Instagram page and it’s well worth a follow.

Since Oceanco has such an iconic track record, there is huge anticipation about Esquel’s build.

According to the channel, Esquel will be built to ‘go anywhere’, carrying its occupants to all corners of the world’s waters in complete luxury.

Superyacht Esquel
Straight out of the Bat Cave. Batman suit optional (probably). [Image:]

Take a relaxed tour of the Parker 920 Max with Motor Boat & Yachting

This nifty little cruiser from manufacturer Parker boats is something new for me and I love it. 

It’s got everything you could want in a boat of this size.  There is even a decent cabin for a little overnighter.

My favourite feature is definitely the cockpit seating area. The large L-shaped seating area is spacious and will host your family for a day out on the water, quite comfortably.

At the stern is a beautiful little swim platform that wraps around the outboard motor. There’s an integrated swim ladder on the starboard side to make returning to the boat easy peasy.

eSysman explores the sudden loss of superyacht Yogi in 2 part documentary

In this two part documentary – a first for eSysman’s channel – he explores the sudden loss of superyacht Yogi.

Yogi was built by Proteksan Turquoise, a shipyard famous for a number of huge custom yachts. The loss of this yacht came as a massive blow to the yard and particularly its management, with tragic consequences that you can find out more about in the videos.

There's a beached boat at Haulover Inlet - find out how it was recovered.

Zip Zap Power was at Haulover Inlet and happened to document this unusual sight: A beached Yamaha wake boat. Zip Zap Power claims it’s an ‘AMG’ edition although I’m unable to verify whether that even makes sense.

I’ve been a subscriber for at least three years and this is the first time I’ve seen a boat aground at that section of the beach. 

Watch the video to find out how it was pulled off the beach.

$1.3m Midnight Express 43 submarines through a wave.

Youtube channel Livin’ off the Land captured some dramatic footage of a gorgeous Midnight Express boat submarining through a wave as it was returning to Haulover Inlet. 

This is a 43 foot boat powered by quint outboards. The collision between that much power with the power of the sea, makes for quite a spectacle.

The thumbnail and their description is a bit clickbaitey but if you can overlook that, you’re in for a treat of a video.

Motor Boat & Yachting spends 24 hours on the Hardy 65

I know this is a second video from Motor Boat & Yachting this week but I couldn’t leave this one out. It’s such a goodie.

MBY editor Jack Haines got to spend a full day and night on board the gorgeous Hardy 65. This is a little ship that is packed full of all the luxuries you’d want. And it’s got the sea going credentials to make it a true long-distance cruiser. 

Their trip includes some hefty seas, snow and high winds. Perfect test conditions for this boat, and it makes for a compelling video. 

Also: How good looking is that sexy dark grey hull paint?

That’s it for this week’s video roundup. More to come next Friday!

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