My new show on Yachting International Radio is ready to watch!

I recently landed my own show over on Yachting International Radio. It’s called Rock the Boat and it focuses on news from the mainstream boating industry.

This is a weekly show which airs every Wednesday evening at 19:00 CET. You can watch it here on Youtube or over on the Yachting International Radio Facebook page.

If you’d like to have your boating news, product or service featured, please get in touch with me. I’d be happy to hear from you!

rock the boat
Lots of cats coming in this week's episode!

My partnership with Yachting International Radio is something that I’m really excited about. Rock the Boat is an opportunity for me to publicly showcase the most interesting stories, boats, products, services and people from the mainstream boating industry.

In my opinion, this is a market that is really under-represented online. For whatever reason, the superyacht industry is all over the internet and there’s a constant newsreel of info coming out of it. But the mainstream boating industry is whisper quiet in comparison.

Rock the Boat is looking to change that. I want to loudly tell the world what is happening in a market that most of us can actually relate to.



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