Six of the biggest, baddest sportsfishing cats on the market

Only the biggest and most badass need apply.

biggest sportsfishing catamarans
Two big, badass Freeman cats. [Image:]

It’s no secret that I love catamarans. And the only thing better than a catamaran, is a BIG catamaran. So naturally, today’s blog boldly goes in search of the world’s biggest sportsfishing catamarans. From the US to South Africa and back, I present to you the six biggest, baddest sportsfishing cats you can buy right now.  

1. Invincible 40

biggest sportsfishing catamarans
Doubles up as your personal navy ship. [Image:]

Invincible is no stranger to big cats. The yard offers cat hulls ranging from 35 feet up to a newly-announced 46 footer beast of a hull. Their 42 catamaran is currently their biggest model that has seen active production and it is a truly glorious sight to behold.

Just look at that picture above here. That naval grey hull paint with the grey powdercoating to the steelwork, set against the contrasting white gelcoat, means business. This is a machine that is designed to get you to the hunting grounds and back as smoothly and safely as possible. All whilst looking awesome and – bonus – intimidating any fish nearby.

The Invincible 40 Catamaran has a beam of 12 foot and a maximum horsepower of 1,800hp. It’s no slouch. The standard boat includes a host of livewells, plus under-gunwale lighting, a saltwater washdown system, and four massive bilge pumps.

Invincible offers you more options on the 42 than a German luxury car. You can have more rod holders than you can shake a cat (hehe) at, carbon side-riggers, a side-access door, and even underwater lighting. 

2. Freeman 42LR

biggest sportsfishing catamarans
Big, bad, and loaded with freedom [Image: Freeman Boatworks via Facebook]

The Freeman 42LR is the biggest boat currently in production at the yard and what a big, badass cat it is. This is a boat that commands respect from those around it. With a massive, tall hull and a long, pointed nose shape, the Freeman 42LR almost seems to be moving even whilst stationary.

The 42LR has an 11’9″ beam, so just like the Invincible above it, there is plenty of space here for all of your friends and family to enjoy. 

Standard equipment includes a raw water washdown system, LED navigation lights, a boarding ladder, 20 rod holders, pull-up cleats, and a host of tackle storage spots.

The optional equipment available is impressive to say the least. If your pockets are deep enough, you can have everything from a JL Audio sound system, to LED under-gunwale lights, spreader lights & underwater lights, and even a marine head with a storage tank.

According to Freeman, the 42LR can accommodate a maximum power capacity of 1800hp. So if you’re in a hurry to get fishing, the Freeman 42LR will take you there fast and comfortably.

3. Two Oceans Magnum 46

biggest sportsfishing catamarans
Badass & with full protection for the crew [Image:]

For my American readers, this one is likely to be unfamiliar to you. The Magnum 46 is manufactured by Two Oceans Marine in Cape Town, South Africa. The 46 is the biggest and also the newest of the Two Oceans power cat range. It was introduced in March this year.

I’ve written about Two Oceans’ Magnum range before, but for the benefit of new readers, Magnums are one of the most popular range of sports fishing boats in South Africa today. They have a reputation for exceptional seakeeping in Cape Town’s notoriously rough waters. In fact they are specifically designed to handle the intense sea conditions their crew will face. Their foam-filled hulls make them extremely difficult to sink, meaning they can continue on even if holed. Which is critical on a coastline in which help may be hours away. 

Power comes from two inboard Cummins QSC6.7 550hp diesel engines. Not as fast as its American counterparts, but no slouch either. But speed in the Cape’s rough waters, is irrelevant since the frequently huge swells make high speeds impossible at best or unsafe at worst.

Two Oceans offers a pretty decent range of standard facilities on the 46, although at its core this is a utilitarian sports fishing boat, so luxury is not in its DNA. 

It's not luxurious, but it'll get the job done. [Image:]

The list includes two bunks, a shower and electric marine head, a full set of cooking facilities, and a deck washdown system for both sides of the boat. Also included is a full suite of Furuno electronics and a Fusion audio system. 

4. Calcutta 480

biggest sportsfishing catamarans
Big, wide and luxurious. [Image:]

The Calcutta 480 is a new one on my radar, but it is definitely big and extremely badass. At 51 feet overall length and boasting a massive 17 foot beam, this is by far the biggest cat in our list and as you will still see, also the most luxurious.

Calcutta supplies the 48 standard with a pair of Cummins 550 diesel engines, giving it a cruising speed of ’40+’ knots, according to the yard.

The most impressive thing, for me, about the Calcutta 48 is its incredibly luxurious finishes. The interior is loaded with the kinds of fit and finish you’d expect to see on superyachts. Just take a look at this cabin:

For the perfect end to a day on the water. [Image:]

Calcutta says that the 48 can be completely customised to the owner’s specific needs. That even includes offering buyers the option of having a walkaround deck, or swapping the inboard power for quad outboards. So, they weren’t lying.

Standard features on the 48 include two staterooms and two full bathrooms. The standard power arrangement is from the inboard Cummins diesels mentioned earlier.

5. Sea Hunter 46 CTS

biggest sportsfishing catamarans
With great cats comes great power. [Image:]

The SeaHunter 46 CTS is to boating what muscle cars are to the automotive world. So in that sense, it really is a true American boat. Long, wide, and gloriously overpowered, it ticks all the boxes of a high-performance fishing machine. 

The 46 has an overall length of 46 feet, and a beam of 12 feet. So it’s not the widest on the market, but that’s still plenty of room for an epic fishing trip.

Standard kit on the 46 is really impressive. Without ticking any options boxes, you get fresh and saltwater washdown, under-gunwhale lights, fuel fill ports on both sides, pull-up cleats, a rectractable boarding ladder with a transom door, and three livewells with a pump. Those are just the highlights – the rest of the list is impressive. If you’re feeling especially flush, the options list is even better. You have choices such as a Seakeeper gyro, Optimus joystick controls, and even an upper/flybridge drive station. 

Power options for the 46 includes quad outboards from Yamaha or Mercury, starting at 300hp per engine, to 450hp which SeaHunter says will be good for up to 80mph (128km/h). Nice.

6. Barker Boatworks 40 HPC

Big and badass in white. [Image:]

This is one of the newest boats on this list, having only been introduced a couple of months ago.

Barker is a relative newcomer to cats and is also one of the smaller yards out of the group here, yet they have chosen to join the ranks in manufacturing one of the biggest fishing cats on the market. They offer two other boats both based on the same 26 foot hull, so the 40 is a really big step up for them.

The 40 HPC has an overall length of 40 feet and an 11 foot beam, so there’s enough room for your crew to have a great day out on the water.

No cabin facilities though, so you’ll need to return to port when the sun goes down. But with quad outboards pushing you along, you’ll be sure to get there in no time at all. 

Standard facilities on the 40HPC include a carbon fibre hard top, side-access doors on both sides with pull-out ladders, and plenty of live baitwells.


That wraps it up for this list. If you think I’ve missed any of the  biggest sportsfishing catamarans on the market, let me know in the comments.



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