Youtube Video Picks of the Week – 3 July 2020

In this week’s video picks, we have videos about fishing on a boat, the internet on a boat, a very fast boat, a very good-looking boat, and a fake boat.

Aquaholic tours the Hatteras GT59

Sportfishing boats are huge in the American boating scene, and Hatteras is one of the dominant names in the sportfishing market there. 

This tour of the Hatteras GT 59 provides exactly what you’d expect from a top-class machine dedicated to days-long pursuits of the biggest catches in the world. You’ve got more rod holders than I can count, with dedicated rod storage and cleaning facilities inside. There’s a massively tall tuna tower, and luxurious accommodation for the owner and their friends. And this wouldn’t be a true sportsfishing boat without massive power ‘under the hod’. The GT 59 delivers on everything you’d expect and more. Check it out.

Browsing the internet at sea is slow and it's expensive. eSysman tells us how many limbs you'll need to sell to send a few emails.

Ah, the internet. Where would we be without it? Well, for starters, probably lost (who owns an actual street map anymore?). But also, probably happier. For those of us who aren’t spending our days crossing the ocean, we may never need to find out. But for superyachts and the maritime industry, getting the internet when you cross the horizon is not only difficult, but expensive too! 

In this video, eSysman talks about the logistics and costs involved with getting internet access at sea. Hint: Difficult, and a lot.

And bonus: We get to find out whether Elon Musk’s upcoming Starlink system is likely to fix all of that.

A Midnight Express 60 foot Pied-a-Mer came to Haulover and our favourite channel captured the moment.

My blog is no stranger to Midnight Express boats. In fact my first ever post was a brief look at the company and its origins. I’m a fan of the fact that the company is family-owned because I come from that kind of business background. And most of all, I like their boats.

But I’ve never seen one visit Haulover Inlet. Until now. Zip Zap Power was on-hand when the 60′ Midnight Express ‘Pied-a-Mer’ boat named ‘The Beast’, came roaring through. It’s a treat.

The ‘Pied-a-mer’ is Midnight Express’ biggest boat in their catalogue. It has enough deck space for all of your friends and enough power to get you to wherever you’re going in record time. Also, it’s got luxurious accommodation to ensure you can overnight at your destination, in total comfort.

Aquaholic toured pretty much my favourite boat from my favourite manufacturer. Presenting The Princess V62.

I’ve made no secret about my love for the Princess V series range of yachts. In fact, my entire interest in boating began with a step aboard a Princess V58 at a boat show. I wrote about that experience, so go check that post out if you haven’t yet.

Princess yachts is based in the UK and is one of that country’s original manufacturers of luxury yachts. It’s owned by the LVMH group of luxury brands and their touch shows in the design of the range. 

Princess produces a range of different boats, but my favourite of all of them is their V class series. These range in size starting from the 40 foot V40 up to their impressive 78′ Princess V78. The V series continues to be an extremely popular boat globally due to its combination of style, performance, and practicality.

And finally: The time the US borrowed an aircraft carrier from the British.

World War 2 saw the dawn of the aircraft carrier as a highly effective war fighting tool. For the US, there was one problem: They didn’t have enough of them for part of their Pacific campaign. 

The solution? Borrow one from the Brits.

Dark Docs tells the story of the ‘fake’ US aircraft carrier USS Robin, its lease from the British, and its battlefield actions. It’s a gripping story that is almost stranger than fiction.


That’s it for this week’s video picks. Come back again for my favourite boating/maritime videos next Friday!

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