Axopar's Brabus Shadow 900 has won a prestigious Red Dot Design award

In a stunning victory for boat lovers all over, a boat has finally won the coveted award.

Axopar's Brabus Shadow 900. Navy Seal Team optional.

Finnish boatbuilder Axopar has announced that its high-performance Brabus Shadow 900 range has won a prestigious Red Dot design award.

This award is an annual prize that is hotly contested. It features entries from across the design and manufacturing spectrum. Furniture, vehicles, electronics, medical technology and many other products all compete. Too bad for them, this time a boat won. And not just any boat. This is a boat that is extremely fast, extremely sexy, and perfectly suited for Navy Seal Team operations (probably).

Axopar says that the Brabus Shadow 900 range was designed by a collaboration of various professionals. This group, it says, included designers, engineers, business strategists and naval architects. 

The boat comes out of Brabus Marine, which is a partnership that consists of Axopar, and high-performance German automaker Brabus. For this Shadow 900 project, Navia Design was brought in to co-design the boats.

Two Brabus Shadow boats, the 500 and 800, were actually featured on Aquaholic’s Youtube channel recently. For your convenience, I’ve done the legwork and brought the video right here so you don’t even need to do anything other than click!

According to Navia’s head of yacht design, Jarkko Jämsén, advanced tools were used to develop this boat. These include “1:1 scale modelling, prototyping and mixed reality with computer-game engine technology”.

Axopar’s CEO Constantin Buschmann highlighted the boat’s unique, ‘never before seen’ features as major reasons for its success. He mentioned its gullwing cabin doors and ‘clever use of deck space’ as being features that really set the Brabus Shadow 900 range apart from anything else on the water.

If you haven’t seen Axopar’s Gullwing doors yet, just take a look at this picture! If you don’t fall in love with this boat immediately, then we can’t be friends:

Gullwing Doors. Or as I like to call them, 'Navy Seal Team Rapid Access Doors'.

The Brabus Shadow 900 range is packed full of design elements that ensure that you and everyone who sees it, won’t forget that this is a Brabus boat.

The luxurious red racing seats are standard, and so is the generous Brabus badging everywhere. A fuel expense card, however, is not part of the deal (aww).

Red go-fast seats are standard. Fresh pants are not. Image: Axopar
Enough space for a couple. Or a small Navy Seal Team.

The Shadow 900 range comes standard with a pair of 450hp Mercury Verado XL 4.6L V8 outboard engines. These are wild beasts and are good for a top speed of about 50 knots.


Brabus badges. Ensuring that you and your guests don't forget what boat you're in.

The Axopar Brabus Shadow 900 range is on sale now, with prices ranging from EUR 349,500 to EUR 413,500.

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