Youtube Video Picks of the Week - 15th May 2020

Here's this week's roundup of my favourite boating videos to get your weekend started right.

First up: Aquaholic tours the Hatteras M90 Panacera

First of my Youtube video picks of the week is this one from Aquaholic Nic Burnham. In this episode, he tours this gorgeous Hatteras M90 Panacera. 

I’m used to seeing sports fishing boats from Hatteras. So I was surprised to see that they make luxury cruisers too. I guess I need to spend some time this weekend brushing up on my knowledge of Hatteras’ product range!

My favourite feature of this M90 is the fantastic little kitchen and dinette area right at the front of the boat, where you’d normally find a helm. It looks like a really gorgeous spot to sit and have a relaxed breakfast or lunch while taking in the views.

Motor Boat & Yachting tours the Reah 32 and it's the cutest trawler I've ever seen.

In this video, Motor Boat & Yachting tours the French-built Rhea 32. This has to be one of the cutest boats I’ve ever seen. Rhea has somehow compressed features you’d normally only see on much larger boats, into a sort of Noddy car of the sea.

Except where a Noddy car is generally a bit of an insult, the Rhea 32 just oozes charm and style too.

From the smart paintwork to the understated hull windows and the teak detailing, this is a boat that I’m definitely going to spend some time reading up about.

The time the Chinese planned an insane shipping canal right across Nicaragua.

It turns out that not too long ago, the Chinese came up with a frankly insane plan to carve a new canal right across Nicaragua. The plan was to build a canal that would compete with or better yet, replace, the Panama canal which at the time had become too narrow for the largest modern cargo ships.

RealLifeLore is one of my favourite Youtube channels and this video was particularly well done. Go check it out and if you enjoyed it, take a look at the rest of their uploads.

eSysman's latest Q&A is full of juicy insider info about what really happens on board superyachts.

Monaco Yacht Show 2020 is still going ahead without its biggest exhibitorsEver wonder if crew members ever hook up with superyacht owners? Well, wonder no more my friend, because renowned superyacht vlogger eSysman has you covered. And by the way, the answer to your question is as juicy as you hoped.

In this week’s video, eSysman does another quarantine Q&A answering questions about life on board superyachts, from his subscribers. It’s full of the kind of insider info you can only get from someone who’s spent a career at sea on the world’s biggest yachts.

The US once launched a secret mission to tap Soviet undersea cables and it's the most epic history you've (probably) never heard about.

I recently learned about DarkDocs, a Youtube channel specialising in original content documentaries about mostly military history.

The presentation of every video is incredibly compelling, often containing rarely seen footage compiled in an exciting and even spellbinding way.

Also, whoever is narrating the videos has a voice that somehow adds suspense and drama to every already suspenseful and dramatic video.

Even though this video isn’t strictly about boats, it involves submarines and that’s close enough for me.

Well, that’s it for this week’s roundup. Check back next week for the next set of videos!

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