Youtube Video Picks of the Week – 22nd May 2020

Hold on to your helm seats. These are my picks for this week's Youtube viewing pleasure.

This week there’s a great variety of videos which should ensure that there’s something for everyone!

First up is a tour of the charming little Galeon 305 HTS.

I’m a regular on the Aquaholic channel and this video is one of the reasons why. Nic tours a fantastic variety of boats, from smaller boats like this one, to massive cruisers that can almost pass as superyachts. It’s that level of accessibility that keeps me coming back and, according to the comments section, it’s the same for many others of his fans.

This Galeon is an interesting prospect. It’s got everything you need to overnight comfortably, and it’s compact enough for anyone to manage.

And what’s not to like about that profile? It’s got all the best external design features of much larger boats, on a much smaller scale. Charming. And a great way to kick off this weekend’s viewing, too.

The 2020 Monaco Yacht show just got dealt a massive blow and now it's unlikely to go ahead this year.

eSysman highlights this week’s shocking news that the 2020 Monaco Yacht Show is likely to be cancelled.

It seems that the organisers were insistent that the show go ahead. However, those plans have just been put in major jeopardy by an unexpected announcement from an unlikely grouping. I’ll leave it there and hopefully force you to check out the video for all the gory details.

The cruise industry is rotten. Find out why your next cruise should include armed bodyguards (maybe).

60 Minutes Australia is the hero we need but don’t deserve. 

In this dramatic video, they investigate the – quite frankly -rotten cruise industry. And I’m not talking about bad food, either.

As it turns out, due to the complex ways in which international laws and shipping registration works, cruise ships are basically lawless islands. And the cruise companies are happy to turn the other way when serious crimes such as disappearances and sexual assaults occur on board. All of this ensures that guests on board and guests still to come, have no idea of what is really going on. And the profits for the cruise lines keep rolling in.

A Sunseeker Portofino gets the Aquaholic treatment.

Yes I know, a second Aquaholic video, but I had to. This was already one of my favourite boats, so I was extremely happy to see Nic tour this gorgeous example earlier this week.

I’ve previously written about the Sunseeker Portofino 47, so if you want to learn more about what makes this boat so interesting to me, please give it a read.

For its age and for the price, the Portofino 47 is a fantastic boat that is big enough for the whole family but still small enough to be owner operated.

Ever wondered what the biggest, fastest, most interesting ships look like? Say no more, fam.

Ever wondered what the world’s biggest container ship is and how it operates?
Been dying to know how some seriously big vehicles are transported across the globe?
Like looking at big and/or fast ships?
This documentary has the answers you seek, and they’re all encased in giant chunks of steel and engine power.

I really enjoyed this one. A particular highlight for me was discovering what it really takes to load a massive car carrier. It turns out that transporting massive wheeled industrial and agricultural vehicles takes quite a bit of skill, knowledge, and a ship that is purpose built to haul all of it.

That’s it for this week’s roundup. Check back next Friday for my top picks again.



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