Galeon announces 325 GTO and it’s gorgeous

Outboard power with superyacht styling makes for quite a package.

Galeon boats has announced their new for 2021, Galeon 325 GTO and it is gorgeous.

Galeon says their new 32-foot  outboard-powered beauty is within the reach of ‘a larger audience of boating and yachting enthusiasts’. In today’s blog, I’m taking a look at this new boat and what it has to offer and I’ll compare it to some similar boats on the market to see how it stacks up.

Image: Galeon

Outboard power is in.

The big talking point of the 325 GTO is its outboard power. The boat is powered by twin Mercury Verado 350 outboards that are fed by a 225 gallon (900 Litre) fuel tank. Interceptor trim tabs are on hand to control the boat’s angle.

Galeon says that you can expect a top speed of about 45 mph and a cruising speed of about 35mph. 

Galeon 325 GTO
Image: Galeon

Superyacht styling

According to Galeon, the 325 GTO was designed by the UK-based Tony Castro. Tony is responsible for designing all Galeon models as well as working on superyacht projects. His superyacht experience really shines through on the 325, with design details you’d usually expect to only find on much larger boats.

Starting with the helm, you’ve got a driving position that looks seriously futuristic. The steering wheel is flanked by large displays and backlit toggles buttons. The seats are hydraulically-powered and have thick upholstery for comfortable cruising in any conditions.

Image: Galeon

LED accent lighting is fitted throughout the boat as standard. This is quite on-trend and as a fan of blue lights and RGB in general, I approve!

Galeon 325 GTO
Image: Galeon

Large cockpit fit for entertaining

One of my personal highlights of the 325 GTO is the fold-down port side. This is another feature that we’re starting to see more and more often, but not usually on boats of this size. The fold-down side is covered in decking to match the rest of the deck as well. Neat.

The cockpit features booth-style seating surrounding a small table. Opposite that is a small galley with a gas barbecue. Overall, it just looks like a beautiful space for entertaining your guests.

High-end interior

On boats of this size and type, the cabin – if there even is one – usually looks like an afterthought. Or an inconvenience. It’s as if some manufacturers look at the space, SIGH and say to themselves, “Well, let’s just chuck a few basics in here and pretend that we actually cared”.

That’s not the case with the 325 GTO.

This boat has a high-end interior that puts many similar boats to shame.

The cabin is basic in features but extremely well implemented. There’s a large luxurious V-style berth in the bow which doubles up as seating during the day. The table has folding sides to expand it for more guests.

The heads compartment is well-appointed with modern, luxurious fittings. It’s a tall, bright space.


The Galeon 325 GTO includes enough accommodation for two couples or a family with children. The aft accommodation is typical for a boat this size in that it lies under the cockpit and is a bit of a squeeze to enter. But once you’re in, there’s loads of space to stretch out.

Galeon says that the cabin stairs are on a lifting mechanism so that they can be moved out of the way to allow easier access to the aft berth.

Forward berth. Image: Galeon
Galeon 325 GTO
Aft berth. Image: Galeon

Distribution and viewing

Galeon is manufactured in Poland and although it’s got a committed customer base in Europe, it was only recently that it really gained a presence in the US through its partnership with Marine Max.

Marine Max is taking the boat on tour right away. The first US state to have a chance to view the 325 GTO is Florida, and Marine Max has published a detailed guide on which Marine Max dealerships the boat will visit and when. You can view it here. If you haven’t already, then contact Marine Max and get your tour scheduled today!

Galeon 325 GTO

The competition: Formula 400 SSC

The Galeon 325 GTO is an exciting entry to a segment that is growing in popularity. 

The partially-enclosed cockpit and the open bow seating is a configuration that is especially popular in the US. Marine Max reports that Galeon is one of their fastest-selling brands and therefore it wouldn’t surprise me if the 325 GTO was developed in response to demand in the US for a model like this.

However, the 325 GTO has some stiff competitors. One of those is the formidable, fast and beautiful Formula 400 Super Sport Crossover.


I’ve written about the Formula 400 SSC previously. The chief difference with this boat compared to the 325 GTO is, well, it’s much faster. Its quad outboards mean that it’s got literally double the power of the Galeon. But that also means a much higher price tag. So buyers with a taste for the Formula 400 SSC but with a shallower wallet, may find the Galeon 325 GTO to be a formidable proposition.

Closing thoughts

The Galeon 325 GTO is an exciting boat that offers all of the features that most of us could want, in a package that is manageable and practical.

I’ll be watching the 325 GTO’s journey closely but in the meantime, I certainly wish Galeon and Marine Max well with this new and very exciting model.

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