Aquila 54 Power Cat nominated for 2021 Power Multihull of the Year award

The Aquila 54 Power Catamaran [Image Credit: Aquila Power Catamarans]

Aquila Power Catamarans has announced that its brand new Aquila 54 Power Catamaran has been nominated as a finalist for the 2021 Multihulls World Multipower of the Year award in the Multipower category.

Aquila 54 Power
Image Credit: Aquila

This is quite an achievement considering that the new 54 Power has received this nomination before it has even made its official global debut. But that being said, there’s no doubt that this is a gorgeous boat that is worthy of the nomination, if not the award itself.

According to Lex Raas, the president of Aquila product development, the 54 Power “breaks new boundaries”. It does so by offering “integrated hull bulbs, an optional fully enclosed flybridge, a Portuguese bridge, and a choice of four different layouts”

The interior of the 54 Power Cat is modern, airy and spacious especially given the size of the boat. Fit and finishes appear to be right on par with the level that this boat is aiming at.

One of the highlights of the design is the full-beam owner’s cabin that is located just forward of the saloon. It includes a full en-suite bathroom and large windows all round. 

Aquila 54 Power
Image Credit: Aquila

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Aquila range. I’ve already written about the Aquila 36 when I featured it as my Boat of the Week. So I was really pumped to learn about the 54 Power back in June 2020 when Aquila announced its design. So I’ve been following its progress eagerly since then. I’m especially excited to see how far the build has come and how quickly it has progressed to the finished product we see here. And of course, I’m looking forward to the outcome of the awards ceremony!

Aquila 54 Power
Image Credit: Aquila

The Multihull of the Year awards are decided based on the outcome of a web voting system. Visitors to the Multihulls website are given the opportunity to nominate catamarans or trimarans that they think deserve to be awarded, according to several categories. The objective “is to offer real recognition to the boats selected as the best new multihulls launched on the market” .

For this year, the finalists have been decided by a jury consisting of Multihulls World journalists combined with the organisers of the International Multihull Boat Show. There are various categories of awards.

Aquila 54 Power

I’ll be following the Aquila 54 on its awards journey and elsewhere, so watch this space. My blog is full of great boating and catamaran hull content so please check that out once you’re done here. 

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