Specialist Maritime Copywriter

Providing content for the boating industry that converts readers into customers

The world's greatest boating brands deserve the best copywriting. My passion is to provide it.

Anchor your brand's identity

I’m an experienced marketer & writer with a passion for boating. I’m an expert in helping brands develop a recognisable voice in a crowded market. 

Establish your

Trust is everything. Professional boating copy will establish your brand’s authority in the industry and ensure that clients trust your brand with their money.

Ensure their next boat is from you

Great marketing copy from me will build relationships with new clients and keep your existing clients coming back for more. Ensure that they buy their next boat or marine product from you!

What can you expect from me?

Content that your fans will love

Your fans are passionate. They love your brand and your boats/products, and they hang on every announcement and every new model from your yard. It’s time you started talking to them!

I’m a specialist in developing fun, readable boating content for your brand, that your fans will love and get excited about. 


Hi! I'm Richard,

nice to meet you!

I graduated in 2005 with an undergraduate degree majoring in Journalism and Historical Studies.

I then joined my family’s manufacturing business, where I worked various roles but excelled in the sales & marketing role I ultimately spent most of my career in.

My time spent in business has equipped me with the real-world skills and expertise necessary to add actual value to your business through my writing.

In my adult life, I finally got a taste of boating and was instantly hooked. I now spend my weekends – weather permitting of course! – out on the water as often as possible.

With my experience, training, and knowledge, I’m the perfect fit for your boating brand.

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