Boat of the Week: Jupiter 41 Sports Bridge

Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge
The Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge: One hull, three power plants, and a ton of good looks. [Image:]

My boat of the week this week is the Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge.

This is a boat I only recently discovered and I immediately fell in love with it. 

Now, I know looks are subjective, but this is my column and I get to decide what’s good looking. And this boat is good looking.

The Jupiter 41 SB has, in my view, one of the cleanest profiles on the market. From the neat stern arrangement with the clean fibreglass transom area, to the aggressive wheelhouse, it oozes pure boating goodness. But there’s much more to this good looker than just aesthetics. It’s got everything you could want in a boat of this size. But don’t just take that sentence as my word for it either. I’m going to look at it in more detail right now, starting with that gorgeous wheelhouse.

Fully enclosed wheelhouse

The deck layout of the Jupiter 41 SB is the first thing that sets it apart from many similar boats in its size range.  There’s a large cockpit with mezzanine style seating facing the stern. But the most striking feature of the deck is the fully enclosed (air-conditioned!) wheelhouse.

I’ve been both passenger and crew on open wheelhouse boats. Basically, unless the weather is perfect, you’re in for a miserable time. In those boats, you can look forward to wet or freezing cold limbs, dry eyes, and sunburn. If you’re located in a climate which is mostly perfect year-round, then go ahead and buy that open centre console. But if you’re in my neck of the woods, and you’re a serious fisherman, you’re going to want an enclosed wheelhouse.

Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge
Come on in, make yourself comfy. We've got a/c and branded cushions for an extra smooth ride. [Image:]


This is probably one of the most interesting aspects of any modern boat. With such a huge spectrum of power options on the market, boat manufacturers are really spoilt for choice. 

Jupiter says that the 41 SB can handle a maximum of 1200hp of outboard power. I can’t find information on what kind of top speed that will give the boat, but I think it’s safe to say that it won’t be a slouch.

I’ve managed to find only one currently for sale, and it’s powered by triple Yamaha 350s. This is a similar arrangement to the boat in Jupiter’s promotional material, which also shows a triple Yamaha arrangement.

Up to 1200hp on the back. Smiling friends optional (maybe). [Image:]


Often, on boats of this size and in this price range, the accommodation arrangements seem to be an after thought. The reason for that is a mystery to me, so I can only speculate that maybe many owners aren’t actually making use of overnight facilities onboard. If that’s the case, then anyone who’s slept while out on the water, will tell them they are missing out!

If you’re like me and you’re into spending nights on board your boat, the Jupiter 41 SB has you covered with accommodation for up to five guests!

Below deck, the centrepiece of the accommodation is the double bed located in the bow. Just take a look at the stunning media photo by Jupiter:

Fit for a king. But non-royalty may apply to sleep here too. [Image:]

Jupiter says that the accommodation can sleep up to five guests. Two up front in the main berth, one in the lounge seating that converts to a single berth. And finally two in the double bed aft, located underneath the deck. It’s a bit of a crawl to reach it, but it’s the kind of arrangement that kids would love.

Fit for the king's companions. Non-royalty companions welcome too. [Image:]


The Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge has a lot to offer its owner. With loads of power on tap, acres of space and gorgeous accommodation for the owner and their friends, this is a boat that has it all. But the price is seriously attractive, too.

At the time of writing, I was only able to find one Jupiter 41 SB for sale on It has a list price of $529,900. For what you’re getting, that is some fantastic value.

All of this for less money than you'd expect. What are you waiting for? [Image:]


The Jupiter 41 Sport Bridge is a beautiful boat loaded with great features that any boater could appreciate.

A fully enclosed wheelhouse protects the crew from the elements, while up to 1200hp of outboard power ensures you get to your destination quickly and effortlessly. Gorgeous accommodation below deck has enough space for the whole family. This is a boat that really has it all, and for a price that is refreshingly good value.

Jupiter Marine has been in the business for thirty plus years. Rest assured then that your investment is in safe hands.

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