Youtube video picks of the Week - 7th May 2020

Here’s my Youtube video picks of the week for 7th May 2020. It’s my roundup of my favourite boating videos from around Youtube for your viewing pleasure this weekend. We start with a real highlight: The first boating action from a freshly reopened boating scene in Miami.

The quarantine has lifted and Haulover inlet is back in action.

ZipzapPower brings us another glorious day of boating action at Haulover. With the quarantine freshly lifted in Miami, some spectacular boats went out for a spin. 

Look out for the possible ‘undercover’ water police boat!

Aquaholic tours the magnificent Prestige 680S

Aquaholic Nic Burnham brings us a previously filmed video of a stunning Prestige 680S. The reason this one is a real highlight for me is the layout. 

Prestige has swapped the traditional cabin arrangement around and put the owner’s cabin upfront. The end result is absolutely gorgeous. Go have a look!

Octopus is for sale and the promo video is everything I needed to see this week.

I don’t usually post about superyachts, but this video is absolutely spectacular and deserves a mention. The well-known megayacht Octopus is up for sale! The agency taking care of the listing is Frasier yachts and they’ve done a magnificent job showcasing this incredible yacht.

A real highlight for me is finally getting to see the onboard submarine that we’ve always heard about. It’s a short video, so go check it out and let me know what you think.

Watch the new Seakeeper 2 gyro in action.

Motor Boat & Yachting magazine brings us this short but really interesting video showing the new Seakeeper 2 gyroscopic stabiliser in action. 

This is the first video I’ve seen showing the Seakeeper 2 in operation and it is pretty cool. Definitely worth the watch.

That’s it for this week’s roundup. Check back this time next week for my favourite videos again.



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