Why do you need a boating and marine industry specialist copywriter?

Whether you’re selling a multi-million Dollar yacht, a high-end marine audio system for thousands of Pounds, or a composite valve for a few dozen Euros, you need strong copywriting to communicate its value to your boating, superyachting and marine industry audience. 

Modern boat buyers and yacht owners are sophisticated and skilled internet-savvy researchers who expect to arrive on your website and find exactly what they need to know, written in language that they can relate to and understand. 

For these reasons, you need a boating and marine industry specialist copywriter like myself to break through the jargon and cut through the marketing noise to deliver specialist boating copy that sells your products and services, and that your audience loves. 

As a specialist boating & marine industry copywriter, my most popular services are:

What is blogging?

Blogging is an excellent tool with which to both communicate with your audience and improve your SEO scores in the long term. Whether we’re blogging about boats, yachts, superyachts, boating services, boating products or the marine industry in general, blogging remains one of the internet’s most popular and important publication formats.

I am an experienced blogger with a substantial portfolio of copywriting across the superyachting, boating and marine industry. I work for small and large boating brands and manufacturers, magazines, media platforms, and boating industry eCommerce sites.

When copywriting for the boating and marine industry, a single blog post generally has a minimum of about 1,000 words but can be up to a maximum of around 1,200. 

Most of my clients come to me with an existing content strategy that already includes various topics but I am more than willing to assist you with developing blog post topic ideas that are on-trend and topical, to keep your readers coming back for more.

What are my rates?

I want to give you the best possible deal for your needs, and so for that reason I don’t publish my copywriting rates. This way I have the flexibility to create solutions that are priced perfectly for your requirements

I don’t have a per word rate and I don’t have a rate per 1,000 words.

My promise to all of my clients is that I offer rates that are competitive but also representative of the value I will add to your business.

About retainers:

Retainer-based pricing solutions for my specialist boating copywriting are usually the best for both you and me. They give you a fixed spend that you can comfortably budget around, and they allow me to set aside dedicated time for your business every month.

We both win.

You should also know that my customer relationships are based on trust

That means that I won’t make you sign complicated legal documents and I certainly will never threaten you with a piece of paper

In the unlikely event that you aren’t happy with my services or if for business reasons you need to pause the relationship, please let me know. 

Media relationships

I work closely with some of the boating and yachting industry’s most popular magazines and platforms. 

If you’re looking for a specialist boating copywriter with connections to help you reach this specialised audience, you’ve arrived at the right place. I have the relationships that can help us make that happen and get your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of new eyes.

Whether you’re in the superyachting, boating or marine industry and you’re looking for expert copywriting from someone who understands your business, I can deliver on your expectations and more.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and find out how I can add huge value to your copywriting needs.